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Mighty Mushroom Medley Tincture (2oz.)

Mighty Mushroom Medley Tincture (2oz.)

This blend of powerhouse mushrooms was created to help improve cognitive function, boost the immune system, supplement vitamin D levels, and act as a prebiotic.  

-Organic Reishi Powder
-Organic Chaga Powder 
-Organic Whole Chaga  
-Organic Cordyceps Powder 
-Organic Turkey Tail Powder 
-Organic Lion’s Mane Powder
-Distilled Water 
-Everclear Alcohol

Suggested Use:  20 drops in 2oz. of water or juice 2-3 times per day.  

This is not an FDA approved product. This product is not intended for use in lieu of medical advice or treatment. Purchasing and using this product as directed is the customers responsibility and any use outside of the directed implementations are of no liability to the seller.
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