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Organic Chanca Piedra Tincture (2oz.)

Organic Chanca Piedra Tincture (2oz.)

Are you dealing with, or have you ever had kidney stones/dysfunction?  If so, you know that the pain is like no other you’ve ever experienced.  The Peruvian people have been using an herb called Chanca Piedra for over 400 years, for this exact reason.  They’ve even nicknamed the herb “The Stonebreaker”, as it’s said to help break down the stones.  In our experience and research, we’ve found that Chanca Piedra doesn’t necessarily ‘break’ the stones, yet gelatinizes them so they can be passed with more ease.  Chanca Piedra is also known for its amazing ability to help ease that kidney specific pain.  

Our tinctures are alcohol based, we use all organic herbs, & always double brewed in our tincture machine.  

Suggested use:  20 drops in 2oz. of water 2-3 times per day.

Potential uses & benefits 

-Stomach ulcers 
-High blood sugar 
-Kidney & gallstones 
-Improved kidney function 

This is not an FDA approved product. This product is not intended for use in lieu of medical advice or treatment. Purchasing and using this product as directed is the customers responsibility and any use outside of the directed implementations are of no liability to the seller.
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