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Organic Stonebreaker Capsules (60ct.)

Organic Stonebreaker Capsules (60ct.)

This blend is inspired by both my wife’s gallstones, and my previous issues with kidney stones.  This is a top notch blend of herbs that are natural diuretics, & will help to get your urinary tract active & cleaned out relatively quickly.  


🌿Chanca Piedra - kidney support/cleanse/detox, contains phytochemicals that can act as a natural diuretic, kill bacteria and viruses, as well as relieve inflammation.  This herb even earned the nickname, “The Stone Breaker”.  The Peruvian people even gave it the nickname, “The Stone Breaker”, for its amazing ability to help pass kidney stones.  In one study in 56 people with kidney stones who took 4.5 grams of chanca piedra per day, researchers found that the kidney stones decreased in size & number in about two-thirds of participants (  

🌿Milk Thistle - liver support/cleanse/detox, protects against toxins, helps drastically repair damage caused by free radicals, & can also reduce inflammation.  

🌿Gravel Root - Considered by Native American Indians as antilithic (anti-stone), gravel root is primarily used to remove kidney stones. It also provides nutritional support for the urinary tract by relieving painful bouts of urination.  Its main benefits & uses include; Curing urinary tract infections, Helps to eliminate kidney stones, Alleviating rheumatism & the uric acid buildup that causes gout, Abating fever from malaria, dengue fever virus, or typhus, &, Relieving heartburn from excessive buildup of gastric acid.  

🌿Hyrdrangea Root - For hundreds of years, hydrangea root has been used in alternative medicine.  It’s been used as an herbal remedy for urinary infections, kidney stones, & other ailments.  A few potential benefits are; Soothing symptoms of urinary, bladder, or prostate infections; Providing protection for your kidneys, & Reducing inflammation. 

🌿Celery Seed Extract - Celery seeds act as a diuretic and urinary antiseptic, meaning it helps eliminate uric acid from the body, which can help with urinary tract infections, rheumatoid arthritis, & gout.

Suggested use:  Take one capsule, two times daily with an 8 ounce glass of water.  Take take two capsules twice daily for more immediate support.  Please be sure to drink plenty of water through the day while taking this product.   When dealing with stones of any kind, always consult your physician, & consider a scan of some sort to measure the size of your stones.  If they are too large, they might not be something you can pass on your own.  

This is not an FDA approved product. This product is not intended for use in lieu of medical advice or treatment. Purchasing & using this product as directed is the customers responsibility & any use outside of the directed implementations are of no liability to the seller.
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